Leader in the production of top quality fish and seafood

For 22 years we have accumulated valuable expertise in the global market. Today we manufacture our products at our factory, exporting them to the territory of the CIS and Europe.

About our factory

manufactories Murmansk

  • Filleting of cod and haddock
  • Revenue 1,733 million rubles. in 2019
  • Located on the banks of Kola bay 12 kilometers from Murmansk port
  • Water area of Barents and White seas (Russia) – 30% of world quotas for the catch of northern cod and haddock
  • Equipment from the best world producers (baader, marel)
  • Performance of 4,000 tons of finished products per year
  • Sales in Russia and Europe

Main types of products

Types of cutting

IQF / Block frozen / Interleaved
Skin on / Skinless
Glazed / Unglazed
Fillets, loins, portions, tails, belly, minced


White fish processing company 450 tons of fillets per month
Сorresponding to all food safety requirements to ensure product quality
Location in proximity to the place of raw materials catch

LLC «Fish manufactories Murmansk»
PSRN – 1125105000030
TIN – 5105094904

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