About our factory

Our factory LLC "Fish Manufactory Murmansk" was built in 2008. Since 2012 it is a part of the"Agama" group of companies.

Fish and seafood

– are the most important component of proper nutrition

At our factory, we organized our work the way to follow this purpose and constantly improve our products. Our professional team daily puts a lot of effort to create the highest quality products. Over the years, our efforts are appreciated by Russian consumers, allowing us to take the leading position on the market.
In Russia, Agama has become synonymous with high-quality fish and seafood.
We want you to appreciate the gifts of Russian seas, which we carefully process at our factory so that you may keep a healthy lifestyle. We carefully preserve everything created by nature, we do not use any additives in the production process, and we prefer an honest dialogue with our consumers.

Our fish-processing plant is located directly in the Kola Bay, on the shore of the Barents Sea.

Such a unique location allows us to select the highest quality, the freshest raw materials, and our equipment processes these raw materials in the shortest possible time and to export our products.

The Barents Sea is a part of the Arctic Ocean and it washes the coast of Russia and Norway. 70% of the world’s catch of Atlantic cod falls on the Barents Sea.

Such a proximity to the source of raw materials allows us to get products of the highest quality.


Is a wild fish that grows in natural surroundings and is a favorite product of people who monitor their nutrition and make a choice in favor of high-quality and highly digestible protein.

At our factory, we produce cod products that are convenient for consumers’ use – loin and fillet.

In order to produce the highest quality products, we choose the best suppliers of raw materials.

They are the world leaders in the field of fish processing.

We evaluate quality of raw materials, as well as production in terms of the possibility of producing from high-quality, delicious and safe raw materials that are good for health.

As soon as we receive the raw materials for production, they are all subjected to organoleptic and laboratory tests.

We try all our products with great pleasure, eat them ourselves and feed our children.

We inspire our consumers to cook fish and seafood, providing them with the best quality products.


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