Atlantic cod

Cod is caught for more than 1500 years.

Cod is in the top five most popular fish in Europe, which is easy to explain. Cod meat is incredibly gentle and not fat at all. 100 grams of this product contain only 78 kcal. Cod can grow up to two meters long. Such a fish will be about 90 kg.

Cod fillets skin on

Cod fillet is a very popular food product nowadays.
But very few know that this is not only basis for very tasty dishes, but also a very useful element of our daily diet.

In the traditions of Russian national cuisine, there is even a special word, borrowed from Dutch language, the word "labardan", which combines in its meaning almost all existing options for cooking of all the cod family representatives.
In Gogol’s  comedy "Revizor" Khlestakov remembers with nostalgia the delicious dish – "labardan-s".

Cod fillets skinless

Currently, most often on the shelves of grocery stores, we can meet such a product as freshly-frozen cod fillets, because this fish is already dressed down and ready to be cooked which is much more convenient.
This convenience allows us to significantly expand the list of dishes that we can cook very quickly and easily, without spending extra time on cutting and processing, we can make the members of our family happy (cod fillet cakes, cod fillets with cheese, cod fillet soup, etc.).

Well, and the value that has traditional cooking  from cod in Russian cuisine, is shown even in the fact that the coat of arms of Murmansk presents just a cod among the inhabitants of this city with a nickname "Marine Donkey", which has been borrowed from Hebrew.

Cod loins

It is white and delicious meat, which contains protein compounds and valuable amino acids that regulate all human life processes.

Well, the lipid part of this product is represented by the useful unsaturated omega-3 acids and omega-6, which have a beneficial effect on our body. And northern inhabitants do not imagine their meals without it.


As a part of cod fillet, we can see such elements as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, sulfur. According to the vitamins’ composition, cod is also a leader among marine non-fat fish, it contains vitamins A, C, E, D, K and almost all representatives of the B group vitamins.
At the same time, it can please very well all fans of healthy nutrition and various diets by such a fact that its caloriс value is extremely low.

According to the content of beneficial trace elements and vitamins there is no such a fish like cod.

Cod belly

Dishes from this product can be successfully replaced by meat due to the high protein content, which makes the cod irreplaceable for those who do not eat meat on ethical or medical testimony, or keeps a fast.


It is very good to eat this product for everyone, because taking into consideration taste of dishes cooked from cod we can definitely say that they can raise appetite by only their odor and appearance, they stand apart from the other alimentary products.

Cod collarbones
Cod backbones



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